Eobard Tresander

Race: Human
Age: 26

The enigmatic and very wealthy head of the Tresander family, Eobard has been a member of the Ledevic city council for eight years, though few seem to remember voting for him. Though all council members are equal in power, Eobard has proven that some are more equal than others, becoming the most prominent and influential voice in municipal policy. Under his influence, Ledevic has seen a minor but noticeable rise in prosperity. This rise is due in part to his progressive and somewhat radical ideas for policy change to the city.

He is also pushing to cut ties with Illuskarn, whom he calls “economic bullies that have dominated the region for too long.”

It is no secret that he intends to make a bid for governorship soon, in order to consolidate his power in Ledevic and the surrounding areas. This of course has the current governor, Entyrion Alseks on edge, as he knows Tresander would win that election handily. In fact, the only question is why the relatively young patriarch hasn’t already.

Eobard Tresander

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