Fort Garic

Fort Garic is the impressive bastion run by the Grey Guards in the Stena Hills, the entryway to the Stena Badlands. The Fort serves to keep the orcs and horde creatures of the Badlands in check, and poses a significant obstacle to any monstrous force that would consider moving south.

It sits in and on the face of a large rocky hill, holding a walled courtyard, and three large edifices protruding from the rock face. Each structure holds some portion of the Fort’s maintenance such as barracks, storage, dining, or offices.

The lower courtyard holds a small stables and a small plot of arable land to compliment the monthly shipments of food.
On the other side of the hill, two watchtowers are embedded, each with a tunnel leading to the central building of the Fort. These towers give the Fort a combined 360 view of the hill it sits on, meaning no-one can catch it by surprise. Additionally, the Grey Guards hold minor buildings, more like huts, throughout the hills as additional eyes.

The Fort is overseen by Commander Vashus, a stern Dragonborn with a good heart and a mind for battle. Under his watch, the Guards of the Fort have held off many incursions, from minor bands of hobgoblins to large raiding parties of orcs.

Despite the vigilance of the Fort, many goblins, hobgoblins, and other horde creatures are able to slip through unnoticed, though normally in such small numbers that they don’t pose any real threat to the Coast.

Fort Garic

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